Reputed Mexican coach to train in Kohima Komets Academy


Mr. Jose Alfredo Ramirez Santoyo, Professional Football Coach and FIFA awardee  from Jalisco, Mexico is reaching Kohima on 12th July, 2012.  He is on a goodwill mission to voluntarily train the Naga Youths through the Kohima Komets Academy, thus, helping to foster a sound partnership in football between India and Mexico. Mr. Alfredo Ramirez Santoyo shall be working with Kohima Komets Academy for the children and youth of Nagaland to provide them with training to develop their footballing skills. Mr Santoyo has trained many noted players from Mexico such as Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, who plays for the Manchester United. His other trainees also play in the English Premier League, Spanish League, Mexico, Russia and Finland among others. His association with the Kohima Komets Academy in Nagaland shall not only train local kids in a professional manner but shall also enrich the footballing talent of the country, thereby complementing efforts by various quarters such as the AIFF, AFC and FIFA to help India realize and harness its potential in football.

Kohima Komets is currently playing in the newly formed Nagaland Premier League.

– Kohima Komets Media Release