Nehru Cup 2012 : Nepal needs to learn from their defeats and give their best


In an impressive display of firepower and attacking football, hot contender Cameroon waltzed past a feeble Nepal 5-0 in a very one- sided encounter at the Nehru Cup in New Delhi. Such was Cameroon’s domination that not once in the entire ninety minute of action Coach Krishna Thapa’s boys were in the game. They came under relentless onslaught and were pinned down in their territory for the most part. Being left without options, it was frantic and desperate defending all the way to the end on their part.

From the start, the African Lions took control of the game and they never looked back. Unlike the opener against Syria, they were a different outfit in terms of performance and approach. Their intent was very clear, they wanted to put in a good show and win by a substantial margin. Their task was made easy and simple by a resigned opposition that failed to offer resistance of any sort. Despite a clogged up and crowded Nepalese citadel, they hardly had to break sweat to overrun the defense that hobbled under pressure. They literally muscled their way into the opponent’s goal and drew applause for individual brilliance, deft touch and crisp short passes.

Coach Thapa employed a defense oriented formation with the sole purpose to scale down the damage. However, things did not quite work out at all well for him. The defense played their hearts out, but just could not keep the marauding opposition at bay. Nepal’s attack line was a no show on the day. They barely made their presence upfront and were reduced to mere spectators. The crushing defeat is a demoralizing blow to the boys. I will say this, though, take the defeat sportingly and live with it. There is no shame in losing to a better team, and there is no shame in learning from a loss, as well.

With two tough matches to go, it is imperative for Coach Thapa to keep the team’s spirit high. Otherwise, things could go from bad to worse. At the same time, players should not get bogged down and frustrated. I know it is not going to be easy playing against in form India and Syria. The bottom line is: “Go out there and play. Give your best no matter what. About all you can do right now is perform to your ability, and our unwavering support is there for you.”

Having said that, Nepal’s disastrous Nehru Cup outing is unfolding before our eyes. Once again, I hold All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) responsible for the fiasco. Clearly, their failed policies continue to hurt Nepali football.

– Image courtesy : AIFF Media Team

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