About Us

This is a blog space for all the Indian football followers. It is an initiative taken by a group of Samaritans who are devoted Indian football fans, some of them students and some others professionals. You can also be part of the group by contributing articles, pictures, videos etc. Currently we have members writing for the blog from New Delhi,   Bangalore, Mumbai, North-East,  Bengal, USA and England.

If you love football and also you have a knack for penning your thoughts, give this thought a voice through our Blog. You can become our author in 2 easy steps:

1. Register for the Indian Football Blog

2. Send your article with or without original pics to [email protected]


Indian football needs to reach out to more people. That is the aim of the football fans who started IFN. If you want to raise any issue as a fan or want to bring a story of a local talent into light, Indian Football Blog is a perfect place for you to volunteer.


We do not pay anyone. We believe that Indian football fans are driven by passion like us and any contribution will be voluntary.


You get an immense satisfaction of doing your bit for the cause of Indian Football above all. It is through IFN that we brought into light the story of Pratik Shinde for the first time. He got an offer from US club but could not go due to financial problem. We published his story and we got a huge response which led to fulfilling his dream!

Apart from that, you will have your own profile page in the AUTHORS section and your views will reach a really large audience who are interested in Indian football.

For any further query, email us at [email protected]