Nehru Cup 2012 Fixtures

Indian team after winning Nehru Cup 2009

NEW DELHI: Defending Champions India have been drawn to play Syria in the Opener of the Nehru Cup which kicks-off at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on August 22, 2012. The final is slated to be played on September 2, 2012.

Besides the hosts, Cameroon, Syria, Nepal and Maldives make up the five-team group. Each Team will play each other once in the Group League matches with the top two, the Group Winners and the Group Runners-up advancing to the final.

India had won the last two editions of the Nehru Cup in 2007 and beating Syria in the final on both occasions.

The Indian squad is presently undergoing their preparatory camp at the KSFA Stadium in Bangalore and is likely relocate to Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida in mid-August.

(August 22 to September 2, 2012 (New Delhi)).

Participating Teams:
1. Cameroon
2. Syria
3. Maldives
4. Nepal
5. India

Group Matches:
[matches league_id=2 mode=all]

September 2, 2012:  Group Winners vs Group Runners-up
(All matches kick-off at 7pm (IST) at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium).


  1. Here is the 30 players probable list along with the clubs that they represent.

    1. Ngome Ngowe Lawrence (The Stars FC)
    2. NKONGUEP EFALA Jean (Cotonsport Fc)
    3. NKESSI Hosea (Yosa)
    4. Moundi Djengue Gustave (Union Sportive Douala)
    5. MEYOUPO Stephane (Yosa)
    6. MENGUE Maxime (Canon Sportif of Yaounde)
    7. KWin Amban (Cotonsport CF)
    8. MANDJOMBE Souleymanou (Union Sportive de Douala)
    9. Abouna Ndzana (The Stars FC)
    10. BEBEY KINGUE P. Roland (New Stars FC)
    11. DAOUDA POWER (Yosa)
    12. SOTEJOUONG Ghislain (FC Unisport Upper Nkam)
    13. Ekane Ngah Charles (Union Sportive de Douala)
    14. KINGUE MPONDO (Cotonsport FC)
    15. TALLA Nembot (Panther Sportive du Nde)
    16. BITTE Samuel (Sable Batie CF)
    17. William MBONGNING (Sable Batie CF)
    18. WOME NLEND Pierre (Canon Sportif Yaoundé)
    19. Nko’o Albert Morand (National Plitechnic Bamenda)
    20. MOMASSO Joseph Julien (The Stars FC Douala)
    21. BABA Ouamaïla (Cotonsport FC)
    22. Yanki BAH Joseph Agbor (Njalla Quan SA)
    23. ASHU Tambe (Union Sportive Douala)
    24. NKAMBFU Gilbert (Yosa)
    25. Makon Thierry (New Stars FC)
    26. Bassilekin Jean Landry (Ngoumou Renaissance)
    27. NDZIE Ludovic (Renaissance FC)
    28. KOLONY Vigny Merimee (Panther Sportive du Nde)
    29. ATEME Elanga Pierre (Bafia Cosmos)
    30. Ebongué Pydi Achilles (New Stars Douala)

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