India vs Philippines: No Live Telecast as Cameras sold out to Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi
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The Narendra Modi phenomenon has not only affected Rahul Gandhi and the #RadiaGateKeeper media, it has also caused damages to Indian football as the India vs Philippines match tonight goes without telecast.

Although this seems bizarre, ‘When Sports’ have put forth a very plausible reason for the unfortunate blackout. According to a source, When Sports hires cameras from the flea market whenever there is a need to telecast matches. Due to the election rallies by Narendra Modi, all the cameras have already been hired by the BJP in all the states for the next 6 months.

NaMo has made life difficult for sports channels like us who live from hand to mouth. All we use is one camera to telecast matches. Thanks to NaMo, we cannot even afford that. We cannot understand why we are made to suffer; we are not sickulars!

Telecast Anna   CEO, When Sports

On being asked why a 24 hour sports channel should not have their own cameras and have to hire them, Mr. Anna cited the poor finances.

LOL. The revenue generated by telecasting Indian football is only able to cover the Sulabh Sauchalaya (toilet) expenses of our production team. How can you expect us to buy high end cameras with that? Last time we produced an Indian football match, our team was denied the facility due to non-payment.

Telecast Anna

It has also been reported that the All India Football Federation (AIFF) had approached the national broadcaster DD Sports but they declined due to their own reasons. Our reporters waited at the Doordarshan office gates for the entire day, but apart from the sweepers, no one else appeared.

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A DD official, on condition of anonymity, told us that DD Sports are unable to telecast the match as it is the peak season for bird watchers.

This being a peak season for bird watchers, we cannot ask them for their cameras to produce the matches.

Anonymous official, DD Sports

This article is a work of fiction and meant to spoof real news. Please do not confuse it with real news. Any resemblance with the reality will shock the author.


  1. It is not the problem the problem of Narendra Modi…This is the problem Indian Football Association and Indian Government.

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