Meet This 12 Year Old Sensation Who is Tearing the League Apart

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The biggest story in Indian football now is 12-year-old sensation Shahid Kunaal of Jumlebaz Club. The forward became the youngest player to score in the Indian Mega League. The 12-year-old showed amazing control and technique to score the goal and celebrated it by tweaking his moustache.

Despite all the great show by the youngster a bunch of haters grew suspicious about his age because of his physique, beard, Moustache and a few grey hair. The frustrated haters spent all night on the internet and found out that the player was banned 3 years ago for age fraud. Though the claim looks fake because the player banned has a surname Kunal and not Kunaal.

The internet is always unforgiving and soon the player was at the receiving end from the media and fans so we sent our correspondent to Jumlebaz city to ask their fans about their view on this issue.

Joaquim a 16-year-old engineering graduate who is working in a steel factory said “Haters are jealous because we have such a talented youngster. Just like Messi and Ronaldo our Shahid is from another planet, in their planet a year consist of 700 days and that’s the reason he has aged slowly”

Another fan named Archak said “ We must talk about his goal and not his age”

We then approached the current national team coach and he said “Shahid has been selected for the national teams friendlies next month, He will become the 984th under-15 player to play for us under my tenure which shows how much I have developed football. He alongside out striker Amit Passing who hasn’t scored for his club in 5 seasons will be key for our Asian Nations tournament”. Our confused correspondent left scratching his head after hearing his words.

We further heard another story of a footballer who’s younger sister became his older sister in a span of few months. We approached the proud sister who said “ My brother disappeared after Thanos Snap in the infinity war, He returned as my younger brother after Batman teamed up with avengers to kill Thanos.”

Our correspondent was disturbed and went to watch a nearby Junior U-19 tournament. He sat alongside a few enthusiastic kids who were present cheering their grandfathers.



(This article is a work of fiction, resemblance to real life incidents would be shocking.

A part of this write up is inspired from Akarsh Sharma’s article )