IMG-Reliance deny selling Kolkata football team to Shah Rukh Khan


According to the IMG-Reliance sources, Shah Rukh Khan has not been awarded the Kolkata franchise for the IPL style football. In fact none of the franchise have been awarded to anyone unlike previously reported.

The sources clarified that the franchise for the IMG-Realiance Indian Football League will be awarded following an official and transparent bidding process and the players will be auctioned too from the pool that IMG-R signs for the tournament.

However, the involvement of SRK with the new IPL-style football league has not been entirely dismissed and he might have been approached. Interestingly, SRK was interested in buying a stake in the former I-league champions Dempo SC but the deal did not materialize due to various reasons.

It is believed that King Khan might be interested in owning a team in the new 600-crore mega football event and would most likely bid for the Kolkata team.

Reliance is in talks with some world renowned football stars to rope them in as marquee players and have already signed top Indian footballers for the league.

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