AIFF says yes to Manchester United vs Juventus match in Kolkata


The marquee match between Manchester United and Juventus in Kolkata has got a go ahead signal from the AIFF.

Earlier reports were recieved saying that the AIFF is unhappy for not being kept in loop. The West Bengal sports ministry went about their plans of holding the match without informing the Indian football federation. While the AIFF constitution says that any international match organized on Indian soil shall require prior approval of the AIFF.

Following this, the sports minister of West Bengal Mr. Madan Mitra personally talked to the AIFF and got the permission to go ahead.

Talking to the PTI, Mr. Mitra said

This match will be held only after AIFF’s approval. There was a communication gap (with the AIFF). But, everything is fine now.

While most of the tickets are going to be available by online booking, it remains to be seen whether the ticket prices will allow common football fans to watch the match or not.


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