RUSSIA 2018 – The Best World Cup Ever

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been said by many as one of best World Cups ever to be held. The Event was marred by controversies before its start by the Western media mainly because England had lost its bid to host the World Cup against Russia. Hooliganism, Racism etc in Russia was being highlighted to create a lot of negativity sorrounding the World Cup. With the World Cup nearing the end stage Russia has hit back at all criticism with its amazing organization.

Fan Culture


The Russian fans were labeled as Racist and hooligans by the western media only for them to come out and show their hospitality towards the visiting fans from all across the World. The visiting fans have also been amazing and their support The fans at this world cup have been amazing and are one of the big highlights of this event.

Thrilling Games

Over 60 matches have been played at this World Cup and we have seen only a single goalless draw.Most of the games have been thrilling and a joy to watch, We have seen several close encounters and over 25 goals scored in the last few minutes of the game. VAR despite a lot of criticism has been put to good use giving 10 penalties, overruling offside goals etc.

We have also seen 11 own goals at this World Cup which is more than what we have seen in the last 2 world cups.

Big Guns Failing Underdogs Rising To The Occasion

The likes of Argentina, Germany , Spain , Brazil etc failed to leave any significant mark at this World Cup. The biggest highlights of this World Cup so far have been the underdogs including the hosts themselves who were the lowest ranked team entering the tournament. Mexico and South Korea beating defending champs Germany or the mighty Argentina being held by Iceland or Sweden’s fairy tale run to the quarter finals have all been amazing.

Russia’s Organization

Russia’s perfect Organization despite all negativity is worth all appreciation. The country has given us a World Cup which will be remembered for a very long time.