Has Matos Left Arrows ?

via AIFF

Luis Norton de Matos who was manager of India U-17 World Cup team has written a post on his instagram handle which suggests that he has left Indian Arrows. Matos took over India U-17 during March 2017 after Nicolai Adam was sacked due to some allegations of abuse. He managed India U-17, India U-19 and Indian arrows during his tutelage.

But accoeding to our souces Matos isn’t Leaving but is rather taking time off for knee surgery. He can be expected to comeback if AIFF wants him.

In a statement on Instagram he said ” Fantastic memories of a World Cup, stadiums full to support the Indian team, special and unforgettable emotions that will last forever. Proud to be part of this event.
I want to thank everyone who has been with me in all this year, U17 World Cup, U19 AFC and I League( Indian Arrows): players, technical staff, AIFF and the incredible Indian supporters of this team. THANK YOU
This generation proved that there is a future of hope for Indian football. The bases of the work are launched and there has only to be a thought of continuity with adequate planning. Have faith in the quality of your football, believe that nothing is impossible.Regardless of any circumstance of life, which may be strange, believe that my heart and my thoughts will always be with you. ”