Problems for Chennai City and Churchill Brothers


Chennai City are facing some big problems before they make their I-League debut on Sunday.They are being asked to pay a stadium rent of 2.75 lakhs per day for JLN Chennai and 70 thousand per day for using the Nehru Park,The club even has gone out to say they might have to shift their home ground if SDAT doesn’t reduce the rent.

Chennai City FC practising at JLN Chennai.  pic via -Andrew Oakley’s instagram

It is also alleged that Chennai City FC don’t have their jerseys ready for the first match. The club played a friendly against Tamil Nadu Santhosh trophy team last week in their previous season Jersey. Also, all of their players are living in hotels like ISL.

Churchill Brothers too have huge problems ahead of their return to the I-League. Jerseys just arrived yesterday. Apparently It is alleged that their Goa Pro League players haven’t been paid salaries since June. No foreign players will travel for their first away game against Mohun Bagan. It is also rumored that they did not even provide water for players during matches of the Goa League.


(this article is complied through the information given to us through our forum members)