Ulsan Hyundai FC to play in IFA Shield 2014


Korean K-League giants Ulsan Hyundai FC have confirmed their participation in the 2014 edition of the IFA Shield which is the 4th oldest surviving tournament in the world.

The schedule of the Shield will be released tonight but the officials said that apart from the Bangladeshi club Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi. there will be two other K-league clubs playing in the tournament; one of them is Ulsan Hyundai FC.

The Korean team is owned by the Hyundai Corporation and has won two K-League titles and the AFC Champions League title in 2012.

It is not clear whether the Korean teams will be sending their first string or second string teams.

The former K-League champions finished 2nd behind Pohang Steelers in the 2013 edition of the K-League

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