AFC Cup: Semen Padang vs East Bengal Live Stream and Preview


East Bengal will play Semen Padang in AFC Cup 2013 quarter final tie. To watch Semen Padang vs East Bengal, check the link at end of the article.

East Bengal had a full one and half hours training at the Stadium at 9 am this morning.All the players in the squad are fit and the morale is very high. It continues to be quite hot here with the temperature soaring around 30 degrees. The Stadium pitch was better today as the grass was cut and rolled.

Match Commissioner is from Singapore and the referees from Saudi Arabia.Being East Bengal’s away match the teams would wear white jersey tomorrow.

Coach Speak:

It will be a hard match for us as the rivals are favourites as they will enjoy the benefits of home conditions.We are prepared for it and will make all efforts to enter the semi final.I expect it would be an interesting match.Although we are leading 1-0 yet we are the underdogs.Padang has some good players like Edward Junior Wilson Ellie Aiboy and they also be bolstered by the return of their Argentine midfielder Esteban but we have made all preparations to thwart the. The first eleven would be decided tomorrow.

Marcos Falopa, East Bengal

We will go all out to win by a margin of two goals so that we can qualify.East Bengal have some quality foreigners in Chidi Edeh,Ryuji Sueoka and Uga Okpara but we will play to win as we have home advantage.Our team would also be strengthened with the return of Esteban our Argentine midfielder who missed the first match due to booking.

Jaffri Sastra, Semen Padang

The match will be telecast live on ESPN. To watch Semen Padang vs East Bengal live, check the following link:


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