I league clubs continue to oppose IMG-Reliance’s IPL-style league


IMG-Reliance_logo1-250x85AIFF’s attempts in finding an unanimous solution for the proposed IMG-reliance’s IPL styled league as all the I league clubs continue to show their displeasure against the plan.

Mr. Raj Gomes, head of  I-League Professional Football Clubs Association (IPFCA)  told TOI, “We don’t think the new league will be beneficial to Indian football. How can we allow players to play for another club in the middle of the season?”

Whereas, Valanka Alemao, the chief executive officer of  Churchill Brothers, said, “The common goal should be to improve Indian football. How does it help if you get some retired or semi-retired players to grab a few eyeballs for a minute? It will benefit everyone if the AIFF tries to improve the I-League, instead of starting another tournament,”.

Meanwhile, Nandan Piramal, head of the entertainment and sports business of the Ashok Piramal Group, which owns Pune FC rued the fact that AIFF not really going ahead with the recommendations from Rob Baan’s masterplan and told goal.com, ” I think we can make significant improvements so that it starts gaining attention. Then it is also about India at 146 in the world. So you can only expect so many people to be interested. It is about development, getting a better product, how do you improve it and by not getting some retired European stars to play.”

Few days back National team coach, Wim Koevermans, expressed his displeasure on the fact that the growing tensions between IMG league and I League might turn out be be disastrous for  the Indian players.

AIFF is constantly saying that they are trying to pacify the situation, but for now it seems any kind of solution which can satisfy all parties seems unlikely.


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