Shah Rukh Khan to own Kolkata team of football IPL too, signs as brand ambassador


The Kolkata franchisee for the IPL-style Indian football league has been sold to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, according to reports.

SRK already owns Kolkata Knight Riders, the Kolkata franchise for IPL cricket tournament and has successfully turned it into one of the top brands among IPL teams. Hence he has all the system in place and the football team will be managed by the same set up. This would make it easier for SRK to garner fan base as KKR already has a wide reach.

King Khan is also the brand ambassador of the state of West Bengal. He has also signed the dotted lines to be the brand ambassador of the Reliance Indian Football League.

The Delhi franchise has been awarded to the Hero Honda group who are extensively involved with Indian hockey and are the title sponsors of Hockey India League.

The Mumbai team will be controlled by Reliance group chairman Mukesh Ambani himself as he also owns the Mumbai Indians IPL team. The rest of the 5 teams have also gotten a lot of interest from top corporates.

Reportedly, IMG-R are in talks with star footballers like David Beckham, Michael Owen and Raul. Beckham has been offered around 8.5 crore INR to play in the 2-month league.


  1. This is just a general observation not necessarily referring to the above article. It's a little sad when people feel it necessary to ask whether the news reports they read are true? Lately it seems that I have seen similar questions asking whether an article is true. Well, things change. Now the readers research the news to try to satisfy their concerns about whether it's true. Maybe that's not altogether a bad thing. They learn which sources are most reliable and they become loyal to those sources if they actually learned from the experience. Anyway, if Shah Rukh Khan wanted the Kolkata franchise for the IPL-style Indian Football league, then, I hope this article is true and the franchise was sold to SRK.

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