Transfer News: Mohun Bagan asks Tolgay Ozbey to play for 30 lakh!


TolgayMohun Bagan has made it clear that they do not want Tolgay in their team next season. They have offered a seemingly ridiculous amount of Rs 30 lakh for him to play.

According to the contract he was supposed to get 1 crore 70 lakhs which is almost 6 times of the current offer. Clearly Tolgay is not happy with it and he is in touch with other clubs. But no one is ready to pay him more than 50 lakhs it appears.

The massive splurging of the Kolkata clubs has seen the player salaries sky-rocketing in the past few years. So much so that the mediocre foreigners and Indian players were drawing salaries that rivaled some top Asian leagues. The recent financial scams of some of the co-sponsors have seen the chit-fund companies pulling out of Kolkata football and hence the annual budget of Mohun Bagan has come down by 7-8 crores!

This may turn out to be boon as the salaries of the players would now get self-corrected and when more money flows next year, we would see some of that trickling into developmental activities.

Tolgay, however, is playing wait and watch game and if things do not turn out too well he might have to settle for 30 lakhs as in Australia he would draw even lesser while the cost of living is much higher.


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