Now Tata supports an IPL style Football League


According to a report in, Tata Steel Managing Director, Mr. HM Nerurkar has strongly supported the idea of a football league based on the model of the hugely popular IPL T-20 cricket league in India. According to Mr. Nerurkar, such a league will improve the standard of the game in India.

Mr. Nerurkar said the above while addressing the 9th Convocation of Tata Football Academy.

According to him this is the time when all of us needs to think as to what we can do to improve and promote football. He also referred to the football scenario in Europe,saying that the standard of the game in Europe leapt to great height after they introduced a premier league.  He said “We will have to think about such type of league, if we want the game to improve. We are in discussion with All India Football Federation in this connection”. He also said that it is essential to do proper background work to achieve this goal.


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