Dempo SC signs Uganda captain Simeon Masaba for Rs 1 crore


Simeon MasabaDempo SC have struck another great deal this I-league transfer season by signing up Uganda National Football Team player Simeon Masaba.

Masaba has played for Uganda for 7 years now and hence is a seasoned player. He will be mainly seen in a defensive role but with the responsibility of feeding the ball to the attacking third too.

He is known for his knack for providing killer passes and assists and on no less than 6 occasions, he has scored for his country.

Uganda is ranked a respectable 88th in the FIFA Rankings and getting the captain for a decent Rs 1 crore (10 million) a year sounds like a great bargain.

Aged 29, Masaba has lost a bit of the pace he was known for but nevertheless, he is an asset and will surely aid in the ambitions of Dempo SC to rise at the Asian level.

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