Reading FC and East Bengal looking for tie-up


According to the reports, Indian football club East Bengal and newly promoted English Premier League club Reading FC are eyeing a tie up to help each other.

Reading FC has recently ensured a place in the EPL 2012-13 and are looking to grab the attention of Indian football fans.

In a mail sent to East Bengal recently, they have expressed their desire to tie up with the. As a part of this Reading FC might play East Bengal in their pre-season match in Kolkata while East Bengal will be invited to play them in England.

Apart from this, there is a possibility of footballer and technical staff exchange program. East Bengal may really benefit from the technical expertise they will recieve in exchange of promoting the club in the region.

Previously East Bengal had a tie up with Leicester FC but not much  was gained from it by either side due to financial considerations. But Reading FC promises much more being an EPL club.


  1. as a reading fan i cant see this happening- we arent even going to india pre-season and have all our matches arranged

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