Indian football team may play against Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers stadium : Ewood Park

There’s some unconfirmed news that Indian Football Team may travel to England this February to prepare for  AFC Challenge cup.

The trip will be for 10 days, where India may play couple of matches against English Premier League team Blackburn Rovers. Earlier,  Blackburn Rovers had invited Indian team to train at there facilities in Lancashire. They have also invited Indian youth teams to train there later this year.

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  1. If this has anything to do with Rovers’ owners, Venky’s, then we don’t want it. They have brought massive shame on your country. They have broken promises. They have lied to fans. They have ruined our proud history in just 14 months. They, along with our manager Steve Kean (Venky’s friend) and his agent Jerome Anderson (Venky’s friend) are the laughing stock of the football world and the British media and public.

    India if you love Rovers, or just love football… hate Venky’s.

  2. Rovers fans in the UK are puzzled and angry with the ‘hands off ‘ ownership of the club by Indian owners Venky’s.  The club is at the bottom of the Premier League and likely to be relegated at the end of the season but Venky’s neither say nor do anything.  Why?

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