India vs Bayern Munich: Baichung Bhutia’s farewell match!


All the fans who were ledt saddened by the unceremonious retirement of Baichung Bhutia, have been given a big reason to cheer up. The AIFF has invited the legend Baichung Bhutia to flaunt the captain’s armband in the India vs Bayern Munich match to be played on 10th of January 2012.

India vs Bayer Munich: Baichung's Last in India Jersey
India vs Bayer Munich: Baichung's Last in India Jersey

Bayern Munich is touring South Africa and India under the sponsorship of Audi and they will be playing full strength against the national teams of both the 2 countries. So the likes of Bastian Schweinsteiger, Frank Ribery, Philipp Lahm, Jerome Boateng, Arjen Robben and others are to display their skills in front of the Indian crowd.

Baichung Bhutia had earlier announced retirement due to nagging injury which he failed to recover from completely. He had served Indian team for more than a decade and has played over 100 matches for the team.


  1. this is going to be 1 heck of a match……juss cant wait to see frank ribery ,robben,lahm n otherz…in actn.*excited*

  2. its on 10th january hope that bayern muunich bring der good team so i m able to c the real stars in it

  3. i was jealous of people of  kolkata as they got to see argentina vs venezuela.
    But now they will be jealous of delhi as we get to see INDIA vs BAYERN MUNICH.

    • there nothing to be jealous…except west bengal no part of India has such craze on football…they know only cricket,cricket and cricket…have you ever seen any national news channels to news when India play against Ji Sung Park’s Korea???…they don’t…But you see,how they evryday dedicating at least 1 hour on that cricket….so how you people expect that match like Messi’s Argentina will come to your city very much….even Maradona visited Kolkata,even Pele visited many years ago…Bayern Muchen already came to India two times,they play against club like Mohunbagan…
      As a Indian I also want football match comes to whole India but it would be very much risky for the organizer that will people come???but if India,they are sure a 50000 people crowd  in Yuba Bharati Krirangon,Kolkata…
      Cricket is overrated and even govt has its eyes only on that cricket and cricket,govt does not give importance in Indian football team…very few person like u,me and whoever comments here that India will win the football world cup..but what about rest…they only know ‘CRICKET CRICKET AND CRICKET”……only media from west bengal provides football news and even broadcast i-League,kolkata premier league under making conditions with ten sports or other…even the last qualifying match of Argentina was broadcasted by Star Ananda-a bengali news channel…media like 24 Ghanta,Channel 10 they always gives up to date football live telecast or news…..
      even national newspapers are not interested in football…ohh sorry,they are interested but only in western football,especially EPL…….
      I have told enough….

      • Well written Ayan!! and each word very much true. And for the guy who is jealous, I would love to inform him that we at Kolkata also had Maradona, Pele, Oliver Kahn farewell match (played by reserves of Bayern which had their present star Thomas Muellar), more recently Messi, Higuain, Di Maria, Mascherano to name a few from the Argentina team!!

        The organisers know how football crazy we at Bengal are. I invite you for a Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal derby. It is as crazy and passionate as today’s El Clasico between Real and Barca!


        • Yes,Oliver  Kahn was impressed to see the crowd,he did not thought such a greatest farewell he could have….
          Maradona,Pele,Diego Forlan and whoever came and saw an unexpected crowd and craze on them they never thought of…..
          YES,U R 100 % RIGHT ANIRBA,who are jealous please at least watch one Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal match and see the crowd of Kolkata and then reply back if your cities have such a craze on football….

      • Ayan.. I agree when you say cricket is over-rated.. too much of cricket has killed football in India.. but to say that only Kolkata enjoys football in India is incorrect.. have you seen  matches played in any other part of India or coverage given in newspapers… be it at any level… I am a keralite I have seen the craze here even for school level matches… I am sure Goa or Assam or any NE state would be no less..  Big names are brought only to Kolkata as the football administrators themselves don’t give much importance to the game & for all matches they choose Kolkata by default without even bothering to think abt other football crazy states/cities…

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