Pune FC likely to play Blackburn Rovers , miss Durand Cup


Blackburn Rovers have kept their promise of playing against Pune FC. They had scheduled the match earlier with the same team and the match was to be held in Pune’s Balewadi Complex stadium as a part of their pre-season training. But the recent Mumbai blasts caused the heralded tour to get cancelled.


Now, the date has been revised and if all goes well, Pune will see Blackburn Rovers on 7th October in the same stadium. After their thrilling 4-3 win over heavyweights Arsenal, the interest in BBR would be soaring high and one believes this is the perfect timing for them to tour India which is being seen as a huge market for football. It will also give the due publicity to the most professional team in I league, Pune FC  whose support base has not yet reached its potential in the locality.


It is to be noted that the date is clashing with the Durand Cup. Pune FC has not yet confirmed their participation in Durand as they are giving much more importance to this high-profile match against Rovers.


  1. Who is the writer of this! Senseless… The next story perhaps will be Pune FC likely to play ‘X’ team,may miss ‘next’ match. Grow up kid, I think by now you may have made a fool of yourself as Pune Fc are playing both – Rovers FC and Durand Cup.     

    • 1. You should have rather appreciated the fact that IFN broke this news at least 5 days ahead of any other leading news portal

      2. You probably missed the title too which says ‘likely’ to miss! Probably you understand what that means. Also the fact that Durand Schedule was not out by then, its very likely that Durand committee scheduled the matches to accommodate PFC.

      Now a lesson for you- Do some thinking and homework before you make a fool of yourself once again on some web somewhere!

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