Nirvana Football Club, the pride of Bodoland


Nirvana FC Bodoland® is a football club based in Gossaigaon, district of Bodoland/Assam and currently plays the G.D.S.A. League at that place .
The word “nirvana” is  used to describe the perfect peace of the mind that is free from craving, anger and other afflictive states. Keeping this in mind the club was founded for promoting youth soccer in India that also helps as a means to deprive human body from the afflictive states. Also the team was not only playing football but they were helping enlightening the game to the others.
The chairman of the club, Mr. Jorden Brahma Wangdi along with a group of former players took the initiative towards forming a football club in the year 2003.

Nirvana FC Bodoland® aims to be one of the most successful clubs in Assam and the region. We also want to be professionally managed with strong youth development.
The main objective of the club is to promote the sport as whole, giving opportunity to local talented boys to show their skills, helping us to put the name of Bodoland and Assam in the map of the Indian football.
Our academy is responsible for training innumerable players from all over the country, and some of our ex-cadets were selected for trials abroad, getting the chance to play for clubs in USA, England and Thailand as well.
NFC is a club that helps the community, whose objective is to promote the game in the North East region and in the whole country as well. We have been working on various projects to uplift the beautiful game in the underprivileged community of Delhi and Assam; Goyla Allari and Paite Allari , both teams composed of underprivileged kids from the NGO Allari, and coached by Nirvana FC Bodoland® are perfect examples of our dedication towards the game and the community in general.
The club will be distinguished by its community mission of taking youths off the street and by its players, values of discipline, diligence, teamwork, collective responsibility, an excellent work ethic, camaraderie, sportsmanship and fair play.

Nirvana FC Bodoland® in partnership with Delhi’s based club Shastri FC®, are searching for U-15 and U-19 players interested to join us and play the upcoming Gothia Cup® in Gothenburg, Sweden, from July 17 to 23. The tournament is the largest and most international youth tournament in the world. Every year 1600 teams from 70 nations take part. We kindly request those who are interested about joining the club to contact as soon as possible our chief managing officer, Mr. Peter Zhekato. His contact number is +91 8860178828. We are looking forward to represent India over there, and show to the world our talent.

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Lets make Nirvana Football Club Bodoland, a club that India, and the people involved within it, can be proud of. Nirvana Football Club(NFC®) was founded in the year 2003 by Jorden Brahma Wangdi. Since then he is also managing the club along with other members and support staff. Various players had joined the club since then and helping the FC to develop in right direction. Nirvana FC® is definitely the one family club in India and was formed in 2003 with the avowed aim to foster the development of the game of football in India. Today it is common knowledge that Nirvana FC® has matured into a highly competitive team in all respects and is capable of locking horns with any team worth the name in the country. The club, which survived, for quite a lengthy time on local talent, is now in a position to sign good foreign players apart from a set of fine talent from other states in India. Nirvana FC® aims to be one of the most successful club in Bodoland and the region. We also want to be professionally managed with strong youth development --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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  2. hello sier iam 19 yr old i use to play open national tournaments  my position is stopper could i know the procedure how to join your team my my email id is and my contact no:+91 8009793420 pls sir i want to ply football at big level help me out…………

  3. hi i m sonmoni thakuria ,i m a regular practissioner of football. +917399299978, its my no. i  seekingto join ur club. plz do a favour for me.

    •  Dear sonmoni,
      We have viewed your email.

      fee is 250pounds which covers the player’s
      registration and medical Insurance only. Your travel tickets, hotel
      accommodation (all inclusive), trial kits, venue hire, match officials,
      and water/refreshment is funded by clubs sponsors and free for all
      registered players.

      Please know that this is only a trial
      program,each player will be judged by his skills, techniques and ability
      with the ball on the field of play by the coach and the entire
      technical department of the team.The players that impresses our
      coaches  would be drafted to the reserve team  and must sign a
      compulsory 3 years contract with the listed clubs(Arsenal,New Castle,Bolton,Aston villa fc etc).

      However, dropped players will
      be compensated with 20,000pounds and other prizes and they will return
      to their home countries with their return tickets.

      Get back to me for the application form.

      Shailesh Damle
      Apex Sports Ltd,UK.
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      +44-702-406 -6944

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  6. i m a football player… i m 23 years old….  i want to be a perfessional football player…. where i m living,  there are no opprtunities…. i want to live for football so if u able to help me plz tell me ….. thx..

  7. Hey, i’m 16 and i’m crazy for football and want to become a professional footballer. I’m looking for some opprtunities and ur academy looks perfect. Is there any academy in Delhi? Please let me knw!

    • Unfortunatelly we couldnt make it, but if you are still interested abt playing and all, please do contact us throught facebook
      nfcbodoland or send us an e-mail ([email protected] , we r going to open our own academy so soon!
      thank you very much

    • hello Ushnish, how u doing??
      we r glad to know that u are interested abt playing with us and all, unfortunatelly things are getting harder, we are having some problems to find boys willing and able to play in sweden. anyway we’ll let u know more details abt it so soon!! tc

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