Toni Kroos to Real Madrid- The Deal of the Season?


Toni Kroos Real MadridKroos confirmed that he would be heading to Real Madrid for a deal that is about 20 million pounds, which is a real bargain considering the talent of the playmaker and his need in the Madrid team. The European Champions were dominant in the Champions League but lost their steam in La Liga. Finishing third was not what they had in mind, but winning the UCL meant that the League disappointment was totally forgotten. But with Toni Kroos signing in, potentially triggering the departure of at least two other midfielders to provide space for World Cup hero James Rodriguez, Real Madrid may well be on course for a treble this season, competing neck to neck with Barcelona and Bayern Munich amidst the challenge from Chelsea.

Where will he fit in?

Toni Kroos is a complete midfielder as he has all the technical abilities to play in various positions in the midfield. His primary position has been central midfield, where he sits and dictates play. He has played as an attacking midfielder and can also operate as a wide midfielder. Having ability with both the foot and excellent long range shooting, Kroos becomes a world class utility player for Madrid.

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola used him as a pass machine, as he went about passing to the sides doing only the basic holding of the possession rather than providing the key passes. In Germany, his influence rose as they played much more direct and with purpose, showing exactly how dangerous Kroos can be when he is allowed to dictate play and not just possession.

Last season’s star Angel Di Maria would mostly make way for Kroos and would play in the same central midfield position that the Argentine would vacate. Di Maria has had a tremendous season and one would not want to sell him in normal circumstances, but the fact that he would fetch a lot of money, that can be used for the funding of James or Falcao, it looks more certain that this move would take place sooner or later.

Acquiring Kroos, a natural playmaker and letting go of Di Maria would also give them a profit of around 30 million as Di Maria is likely to leave for about 50 million while Kroos just came for 20. This boost will surely help Madrid to have huge sums of money to invest as they are also planning to sell Sami Khedira for around 25 million pounds.

Final Verdict: Will Madrid have the same balance and power of last season?

Real Madrid Champions LeagueYes, definitely they are going to have at least the same balance and power that they had last season. Kroos is a player who doesn’t give the manager too many problems in terms of work rate or discipline and performances. When employed in deep midfield, he can effectively maintain his position and close down in the midfield like a good midfielder. Toni Kroos doesn’t have the speed that Di Maria boasted of, but his positioning and game sense is natural of his position and would love it even more when he has to link up with Modric and provide service to Bale and Ronaldo who make a lot of runs in behind the defence. If need be, Real Madrid can make good tactical changes to the team and can use a three man midfield or a double pivot with Kroos fitting in well either way. Kroos would be the natural replacement for Alonso-the playmaker, arguably beyond his prime. Alonso also used to be a top interceptor, something which Kroos is yet to develop, but it is more likely that Modric and Illaramendi will do the job for him in a three man midfield while a double pivot would mean Real are very confident of dominating the match. According to the author, capturing Kroos for so cheap is the deal of the season.


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