Barcelona responds strongly to FIFA


Barcelona vs Levante live stream freeAfter being handed player transaction ban by FIFA for two transfer windows, Barcelona has come up with a strong official reply.

In their reply they have emphasized that Barcelona’s youth academy, La Masia aims at making complete people before  athletes.  They provide a framework within which educational training programs, accommodation, meals, medical care, attention to the needs of children and sports development plans are provided. FIFA, according to Barcelona, has not considered the educational function of La Masia’s methods.

Furthermore Barcelona has not breached any civil law as all the trainee’s of La Masia are legal residents and all FCB players had federal licences at all time. Even for the players whose federal licenses cancelled by FIFA were given opportunities of continuing so as to ensure the continuity of their education, thus protecting them from social  harm. None of the FCB senior or youth players are suffering from administrative irregularities.

Barcelona officials also emphasized the fact that the club has tried to convey the fact that the regulations intended to protect the minors needs to be revised to make them more effective. Apart from that, La Masia has always been shown by FIFA as an example of good practice.

Barcelona will  now appeal to FIFA to  reconsider their decision, and if necessary they would take the resulting resolution to the Tribunal d’Arbitratge de ‘Esport (TAS). Barcelona will also ask for interim arrangements which would help the club keep its rights, including signing players during the transfer windows.

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