Mohun Bagan Organizes Marathon To Mark 1st Anniversary of Running Away from Derby Match


The following article is a work of fiction.

It was 9th December 2012 when Mohun Bagan football club staged an amazing run halfway into the derby match when they were 1 goal and 1 man down.

To mark the eventful and historic day, Mohun Bagan officials have decided to hold a full marathon race. The winner shall be awarded Rs 2 crore cash prize and the brick that was thrown in the ground as a memento.

The official who had resigned from his post after the debacle has slowly but surely taken his role back into the management and has taken all the responsibility to conduct the marathon event.

It’s an honor to be given the responsibility to conduct such an event to mark the historic escape. We had avoided the repeat of a 5-0 or worse loss in an unprecedented manner by escaping. Additionally, the viewers enjoyed two sports for the price of one: football and sprint

On-Hashish Mookerjee, MB UnOfficial

When our reporter wondered why would such an idea of holding a marathon would come to their mind, Mr Mookerji replied,

We received a very positive feedback from the supporters who appreciated the sprint. Many of them opined that they enjoyed our run better than our football and more such events should be held.

MB UnOfficial

The East Bengal fans have shown their displeasure over the upcoming marathon event. They have lodged an official protest with the AIFF that Mohun Bagan should rather play another match against them to mark the anniversary of the incident.

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