EPL declares Indian Super League illegal, demands ban


Wary of the growing influence of Indian Super League, the English Premier League is trying to do to ISL what the BCCI did to Indian Cricket League (ICL) a few years ago.

Indian Super League (ISL) is the newly proposed phantom Indian league that so far has existed only on paper and in the media, with zero signs of real existence and is getting postponed for six months, every six months.

The EPL organizers have claimed that the ISL teams are trying to poach their top stars like Luis Suarez, Metsu Ozil and Wayne Rooney which is bound to create huge crisis.

The kind of money ISL is flashing, top EPL players are blinded and unable to focus. The coaches can’t reprimand them as they are threatening to defect to ISL. This is the biggest crisis EPL has ever faced.

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This was vehemently denied by the ISL organizers IMG-R as they said that their ISL was actually Indian Seniors League and they plan to take only those players who are really old. They cited the example of approaching Habibur Rehman Mondal who was coaching a local club when the IMG-R approached him to play! Mondal was later treated for shock.

This statement from IMG-R, however, has made Manchester United edgy and they have kept Ryan Giggs under house arrest till the matters cool down.

Taking a leaf out of the BCCI’s cold blooded murder of the ICL, the EPL organizers have approached FIFA to declare ISL illegal and ban the proposed tournament.

The article is a work of fiction and any resemblance with real persons or incidents will shock the author.


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