Shocking: Nepal Football Fed Beheads 5 Animals to Win SAFF Cup!


ANFA Nepal FootballIn a shocking incidence, the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has conducted a Puja ceremony and allegedly offered 5 difeerent animals to the Gods to win the SAFF Cup 2013 and be able to conduct the tournament smoothly.

A local news website has reported with visuals of the Puja and quoted an ANFA official as saying,

We organized the Puja for the smooth operation of the championship. We didn’t organize the puja to win the matches.

Surprisingly, the whole sacrificing was done in the Dasarath stadium premises itself where the SAFF Championship 2013 is going to be held and the event was attended by the ANFA president Mr. Ganesh Thapa.

It is not known which animals were sacrificed. However, the question is: was the cruelty really necessary and is that the price one is willing to pay to win a tournament?

Meanwhile, the Nepal football fans have come down heavily on the ANFA resident accusing him of falling for superstition.


  1. Wahh.people talking about animal cruelty. All the non vegetarian people where do u think meat comes from..animals Are killed for ur food.this sacrific is sad but the non vegetarian people dont have right to say anything about animal cruelty

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