Rohan Bopanna now an ‘official fan’ of Bengaluru FC


Bengaluru FC_Rohan BopannaWorld No. 3 (doubles) tennis player Rohan Bopanna visited Bengaluru FC and met the clubs star player and Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri at the Bangalore Football Stadium. Bopanna was presented with a club shirt by the Indian national team striker while the tennis star handed Chhetri a signed racquet.

Rohan Bopanna said,

I’m a huge fan of the game and irrespective of what team is playing, if there’s football on television, I’m always glued. So, to have a team in my home city is just fantastic. I’m going to have some free time in November and I’m going to make it a point to be at the stadium in my club shirt to cheer the team at games. I’m an official fan now.”


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