Venkys snowballed by angry Blackburn Rovers supporters


Blackburn+Fans+-+Venky's+OutBlackburn Rovers’ fans continued their protest against the Indian owners as they attacked the owners with snowballs.

On 19th January, 2013 after Blackburn Rovers played against Charlton Athletic, which they lost 1-2. However, even before the match had started, the angry fans, disillusioned by Venkys poor management attacked Venkys’ representatives who made a rare apprearance at Ewood park.

Jitendra Desai was hit in the face by a snowball. Jitendra Desai, who is a managing director of one of the companies owned by Venkys and husband of Anuradha Desai, who is one of the owners of Blackburn Rovers. Later, the fans continued to abuse the owners during the match. During the halftime, Mr. and Mrs. Desai left the stadium. Incidentally, the couple were in England for holidays, needless to say, it was a choice wrongly made.

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