DD Sports will show the Federation Cup Semis and Final live


Indian football has gone a full circle and back to the square one. The ongoing Federation Cup, India’s premier Cup tournament has no takers.

Ten Sports had earlier agreed to telecast 15 matches from the tournament but the deal fell through at the last moment. But now the good old DD Sports has agreed to beam the two semi-final matches on the 27th and 28th of September and the final on 30th September.

All the 3 matches will be played at Siliguri in the Kanchenjungha Stadium.


  1. Ofcourse, you need to take the sport to the youngsters, but, this is not the way it should be done. DD Sports is not the solution. Its only going to make a negative impact on the young soccer loving fans, who is only used to watching European football with HD quality. If you need to attract these young minds, you need to be better with our sport compared to others, or atleast on par with them. If not in HD quality, atleast should try telecasting such premier tournaments in a well reputed and standard quality English sports channels like Neo Prime or Ten Action that most of sports loving youngsters prefer. Added to that, if the game and pitch add more glamour, youngsters can go gaga. But, here, we have DD Sports with sub-standard video quality with games being played in a pitch which is more of a paddy field. How are you expecting the youngsters to get impressed with these scenes on a sport?

  2. But unless you bring the sport to the youngsters, you can't get them to shift their prime interest from other sports to football, can you? And why should we cheer for European football when we have our own? Agreed, quality is not as good, but its improving!

  3. Like Kayne Vincent of Prayag said, its better not to telecast these matches as the grounds are worser that mud pools and football will be the least that we can see on those grounds. Over that, add poor quality from DD! Youngsters wouldn't need anymore reasons to shift their prime interest to other sports from football.

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