Jay-Jay Okocha interested in playing in Indian football league?

Jay Jay Okocha
India Calling?

If the various sources are to be believed, the player who was so good that they named him twice Jay-Jay Okocha has expressed his interest to play in Indian football league (I-League) to at least 2 different clubs.

Recently it was reported that Jay-Jay had called Armando Colaco, the manager of Dempo Sports Club, the I-league champions, and congratulated him for the work he was doing.

But people are sniffing something more into that. Why would Okocha call just to say “Congratulations!”. It is thought that he had expressed his interest in playing for Dempo SC in the next season.

Weeks before this incident, the Prayag United officials had received an email from Jay-Jay Okocha himself regarding his interest in playing for the club. This was ignored by the Prayag officials as they thought it was a prank. But after knowing that he had called Dempo too, they are taking things more seriously now.

Prayag have written to the sports management company that manages Okocha’s contract. It remains to be seen what is the response and which team actually bags him.

However, the price that Okocha may demand would be unaffordable for any Indian club. He had previously signed for PLS team for INR 30 million for just 6 weeks of play. For an entire season, Okocha could cost them a fortune


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