I-League: East Bengal vs Chirag United Kerala match analysis


East Bengal beat Chirag Kerala 4-3 in a thrilling encounter today at the Yuva Bharati Krirangan, Salt Lake today. Projjal Ghosh gives you a no-nonsense analysis of the match he witnessed very closely.



  1. David Sunday, his first goal was not only international class, it would be in the upper echelons therein.
  2. Jimshad
  3. Asif
  4. Bishwajit Bhattacharya‘s strategy. Had he not been effective with his tactics, CUK with the calibre of players it has would have never lead KEB at one point in the game.


  1. Sharath K. the first goal was his gift, he gifted one to Odafa in a similar fashion in the Bagan match as well, pathetic performance this season.
  2. Sam Sherin on the left. He missed tackling Penn and gifted the fourth goal by virtue of which KEB won the game. Such irresponsibility at that critical a juncture is unimaginable. He mistimes tackles way too often.
  3. Issac Bokye and Charles Dzisah.
    Very average technique, very physical. For the third goal, Issac failed to clear the ball cleanly and it recotiated off him to Tolgay which took no time to finish it off.



  1. Penn Orji. One of the most consistent central attacking midfielders (CAMs), if not the most among all CAMs playing in I league presently.
  2. Tolgay Ozbey


  1. Uga Opara had a relatively bad day in office, was all at sea against Sunday.
  2. Robin Singh (last game I mentioned him in positives) was very careless and callous with his shooting all first half, missed a couple sitters, unbelievable the
    way he shot wide. Other than his physique, fair skin and a powerful shot off his left foot, this guy has way too many deficiencies in his game for the kind of bohemian attitude he exhibits both on and off the field.
  3. Nirmal Chhetri, Gurwinder Singh and Mehtab Hussain all had a below par game today.
  4. Morgan‘s strategy of not utilizing the flanks, especially the left flank in spite of players like Ravinder Singh and Charan Rai in the team. Supposedly, they don’t
    fit into his “scheme of things”. This british stiff upper lip is not making him any popular and the officials, media are very unhappy with his “I know it all” attitude. In spite of having the best team in the country at his disposal, rigidity in his tactical game planning and match reading has let East Bengal down time and again this season.

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