Nehru Cup 2012 to be held between 15th to 25th August


The next edition of Nehru Cup is scheduled to be held during the period of 15th to 25th August 2012. This was decided by the IMG-Reliance led consortium yesterday. The previous 2 Nehru Cup editions post its resurrection was held in 2007 and 2009 in Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi.

The 2012 edition of Nehru Cup will be featuring 6 teams including India. The teams will be divided in 2 groups. 1st group will play its league matches in New Delhi and the second one will play in either Kolkata or Pune under flood-lights.

Apart from India, there will be 2 teams from Asia (including Afghanistan most likely), 2 teams from Africa and 1 team from eastern Europe. The teams like Uzbekistan, Iran and the Gulf nations will be invited.


  1. Afghanistan is going to destroy India this time just like they would have if it weren’t for the indian reff, i dont care where he lives he had indian decent. Indians could only win by cheating.

  2. we all know that if refree would not be in favour of India they can do nothing against Afghans as you all saw it in SAFF.

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