COSCO I League Prediction Game: You can win iPod


Indian Football Network is happy to announce that we have launched a match prediction game during I League 2011-12. Its a simple game where the registered users (Free registration!) need to predict the results and the scorelines of the I League matches.  This is for the first time in Indian Football that a prediction game is launched! Please click here for game rules.

Cosco I-league Prediction Game

As the name suggests, we have indeed collaborated with Cosco (India) Limited, a leader in sports goods in India having a very strong image and reputation in the industry.

The grand prize : Ipod shuffle

We are offering prizes worth Rs. 10,000/-. The grand prize for the overall competition will be an Ipod Shuffle. There will be 10 COSCO Delta force footballs to be offered during intermediate stages of the game. Please click here for details about prizes.

10 COSCO Delta Force Footballs to be won

To start the game, click the link here. If you have not visited before, you need to register (free registration). After that you can use your login and password to take part in the game at your own will.  At the moment Durand Cup prediction game is on its way. The I league will begin from 22nd October, 2011. Predictions for the first round can be made from now.

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