Federation Cup 2011: Players at risk with afternoon kick-off


The AIFF has once again disappointed the football lovers by bowing down to demands of the regional broadcaster and allowing a scary afternoon kick-off time.

As per the Federation Cup schedule, there are 2 matches to be held everyday from 17th of September.  The 2nd match of the day is to kick-off at 7:30pm under the flood-light but the problem is there with the kick-off time of the 1st match. The regional and unfortunately, the sole broadcasters NEWS TIME have demanded a 2:30pm kick off! This is to suit there business and will help them rake in more moolah at the cost of the health of the players. This is the time of the day when the sunshine is strongest causing dehydration to players who will sweat it out on the scorching turf.

The IFA was concerned over the issue and sent a letter to AIFF regarding the matter. But under the pressure of the broadcasters, AIFF has turned deaf ears to the plea.

The odd kick-off time will ensure that the players can’t give their best and make the game as dull as it gets. Also, this will ensure that the football lovers do not go to the stadium and watch it on NEWS TIME, increasing their TRP.

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