Pratik Shinde’s dream facing financial obstacle.


We had reported to you an almost-fairytale-like story of a Mumbai lad named Pratik Shinde who got a chance to play for the Pirate SC in US Soccer League.  But his dream is about to be shattered because of financial obstacle. We have learnt that he is unable to buy his ticket for Houston where he is supposed to join the team in April. The team manager Mr. Brendan Keyes has promised to fund his stay, food and education in Houston. But he is unable to finance Pratik’s travel. Pratik has asked our website to request all our readers and Indian football followers to help him out of this problem. If you wish to make any contributions towards the fulfillment of his dream, kindly contact us at the following email addresses-

[email protected]

[email protected]


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    • Following our report, a lot of people have already come forward to help him and now he is going to Houston for sure. We thank all our readers and those who have supported him and congratulate Pratik once again!

  1. i too will donate for him he is too like ma brother..n will try 2 donate surely even if it is small amount…but will surely do so plz tell me the process of sponsoring him n i have already contacted him so he told to contact indian football network so plz do rply

    • Dear Swapnil,
      Thanks for your interest in donating for the cause. Send us your contact details to [email protected] and we will tell you the process. We will contact one of our members living in Mumbai to whom you can send the amount and he will forward the sum to Pratik. Rest of you who want to contribute kindly follow the same procedure. We will announce the names of the donators over here.

    • Great to see that you are ready to help him out. He will need around Rs. 35-40,000 for his ticket to Houston. We have contacted some media groups to circulate his story and arrange for some sponsors. But please contribute to him whatever you can

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