Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Messi golden ball controversy

FIFA Awards – Over-rated and flawed?

While driving, I turned my radio on, "Messi , Messi" screamed the RJ and the callers backed him up. Returned home, relaxed and turned my TV on. The famous face popped up again during the commercial breaks! You may be...
SRK Indian Super League football

Football stadium for IPL, Indian Football continues to be snubbed

The sixth season of Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to start. The cricket fans of India must be eagerly waiting to witness the opening ceremony where stars like Pitbull, Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone will perform...
World cup protests

Brazil’s Protest Against World Cup – Why the Anger?

This is first of two part article on the protest in Brazil against the World Cup. The articles has been written by Duncan Crawley. The details of the author can be found at the end of the article. Click...
MMC Club Nepal

Football League In Nepal Starts In Questionable Conditions

After 20 years, the wait is finally over. It is official. The much hyped, talked about Nepal National League Football tournament got underway in Kathmandu recently. The highly anticipated competition, after having pushed back to a later date numerous...

Prathamesh Maulingkar : A slow but steady rise

During the 2010-11 season, Nishant Ramela, a good friend of mine and Indian youth football follower described an unknown AIFF XI (now Pailan Arrows) player as very tall, well built and referred by other players as ‘Bush’. However, in...

Goan Football Clubs are not Crowd Pullers in Indian Football

The Old Delhi crowds that packed the stadium and cheered for Habib and Akbar, Nayeem and Yusuf Khan when Mohammedan Sporting or Hyderabad City Police played years ago is now a thing of the past. This year the crowd pulling teams were Shillong Lajong Football Club and United Sikkim.
Nepal football

Corruption in Nepali Football

The international news agency, Associated Press did, to some degree, what the Nepali national main stream  media had failed to do for so long. The news agency dropped a bombshell by making public, the parts of the audit report,...
Manchester City vs Blackburn Rovers live stream

Steely Manchester City toast of the season

Manchester City’s 6-1 demolition of Manchester United, suggests that a regime change in the English Premier League (EPL) is in the offing. With a little help from an Abu Dhabi businessman, the downtrodden have shaken off their chains. Sir Alex...

Capello’s relationship with English FA was a loveless marriage

Capello’s existence as England coach appeared to be a joyless one. The Italian’s resignation is not really shocking as the relationship between Capello and the FA was “a loveless marriage” which they were locked into by his lucrative contract (£6 million a year) since the dismal failure in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It was expected that the FA would sack Capello after the World Cup. However they procrastinated and allowed him to continue till the end of Euro 2012.

What does the ban mean for Mohun Bagan, Kolkata and Indian football

The iconic football club Mohun Bagan has its worst nightmare come true as the verdict given by the AIFF core committee goes against them. The AIFF I-League core committee has upheld the report submitted by one-man inquiry committee assumed by Hon'ble Justice A K...