Draft System to be back in Indian Super League

Sunil Chhetri with Ranbir Kapoor during 2015 players auction and draft. Pic via ISL

According to our sources the draft system will be back in the next season of Indian Super League. The 2017-18 season is expected to be 5 months long and will be followed by 2 months of super cup action

The idea is to bring down the inflated salaries which agents have created.We have a market where the Indian Super League teams have paid up to 10 times more than what a player receieved in the I-league .Reliance want to bring about a correction in the market.

The Clubs will be allowed to retain 4 players from the previous season and the rest will go into a DRAFT. If they are any new teams(which is likely),they will be allowed to pick the players first

This is to ensure a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.Then after round 4 everyone gets to pick from the reamining pool of players.

The draft system may not be applicable to devolpmental players like Jerry Lalrinzuala,Anirudh Thapa,Baoringdao Bodo,Prosenjit who aro on long-term contracts with Chennaiyin FC