German Clubs Interested in Indian Boy Abneet Bharti


Abneet Bharti Real Valladolid
Abneet Bharti
Abneet Bharti, the 16 year old Indian footballing sensation, who has been part of the youth set-up at Real Valladolid in Spain, continues his commendable progress as he is now enjoying training stints in 4 German clubs, including one current Bundesliga side.

In just over 7 months after his move to Real Valladolid, the youngster has a number of clubs throughout Europe monitoring his progress. The list of clubs who have shown primary interest in the youngster include Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt apart from well-known clubs like TSV 1860 München, SV Darmstadt 98 and SV Darmstadt 98. The last three clubs are now playing in the 2.Bundesliga, the second tier league tournament of the current world champions.

Abneet will be spending three days each with all the second division sides, while a scout from the Bundesliga side will be watching him throughout his stay.
Another notable point is that the player will be frequently taking part in the training sessions of the U-19 side, even though he is only 16 years old.

FTMS Holding Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company, who also have two branches in India, have come forward with a sponsorship deal to help the young boy reach new heights. Abneet landed in Germany last Sunday and joined the side in Munich with TSV 1860 on the next day. Yesterday, he flew to Frankfurt, where he is set to take part in the other three clubs’ training sessions


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