5 Reasons Ronaldinho did not sign for Chennai Titans in India Super League


Brazilian superstar footballer Ronaldinho Gaucho has snubbed Indian Super League team Chennai Titans owned by Abhishek Bachchan for the Mexican top division league club Queretaro FC on a two year contract.

The 34-year old former World Cup champion has made it official by saying that he chose Mexico over Major Soccer League USA and Indian Super League due to the affection he receives from the Mexican fans. But that is not reason enough, isn’t it? So we investigated and here are the five reasons we think that made him snub the Indian Super League which is becoming more like a retirement league.

1. Ronaldinho don’t want none, unless you got Bucks hon’

Meh..that's too little!
Meh..that’s too little!

For a player who is literally playing on borrowed time, well past his prime and with addiction issues, making as much money as he can before the sunset remains the primary concern. The ground for no-deal was paved due to disagreements over the contract money offered to Ronaldinho.

According to sources, the two-time FIFA World Player of the year was offered Rs. 12 crores for a four month contract along with perks and a share of earning from the huge sponsorships that his arrival would have attracted. It seems, that was not enough to draw the star to a nondescript footballing nation.

2. It’s hard to say it, time to say it, Goodbye

In case you did not get the heading, its pulled out from Nickelback’s Photograph, a popular song about homesickness. Yes! Ronaldinho is getting old and he wants to be closer home. His agent and brother Roberto Moreira made it quite clear in his communication to Chennai Titans. Apparently, the player in concern wants to be in Mexico, just across the Caribbean Sea, because of the similarity of lifestyle with Brazil. Idli sambhar gets nowhere close to Churrasco!

3. Indian Super League, who?

For all the hype that has been generated around Indian Super League, there is no denying the fact that both ISL and Indian Football are non-existent in the World Football Map. A fading star Ronaldinho is still a star and he would not like to be seen in a league where most of his colleagues are actually going to be retirees and hasbeens.  In addition, ISL itself has credibility concerns as the tournament has been under conception for two years and kept getting postponed not once but thrice. Even the Chennai Team that is involved in the affair was put together haphazardly after the Bangalore franchisee pulled out a couple of weeks ago.

4. Is it even a proper football league?

For a professional footballer, it pays to remain in action throughout the season. The entertainment dhamaka  that has been put together in the name of a professional league continues for 3 months flat. What is Ronaldinho supposed to do for the rest of the season, watch ISL highlights and repeat telecasts? This disadvantage was actually being promoted as advantage as Ronaldinho could have opted for MLS during the January transfer window. But that would have limited his options. He would rather choose a Mexican league team that offers him top quality of ‘real football’ throughout the season.

5. Was it all just a marketing Gimmick?

Ever since the ISL idea was floated by IMG-Reliance, there have been a lot of speculative news regarding big names in world football joining the league. From David Beckham to Henry Owen, you name it you got it. And all of them have turned out to be not true. Indian football fans suspect that all of these are news plants by the IMG-R to market themselves from thin air and same could be the case with Ronaldinho. May be he was never supposed to come and in the meantime ISl made headlines all over piggybacking on the Brazillian.

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  1. Thank you for your sharing. I am worried that I lack creative ideas. It is your article that makes me full of hope. Thank you. But, I have a question, can you help me?

  2. Because He cannot Party and Have Girls.which would be trouble in INDIA…
    It is due to Lack of Freedom not Money………..Also Highly Polluted Roads where you cannot Travel Freely like a Normal Person…………

  3. We never expect from a grate footballer commenting like this to a nation’s football. We are 2 years old. Even Sir Ronaldinho never expect at the age of 2 he become a good footballer. Will talk after completing 18 years same age Sir Ronaldinho starts his club career.

  4. May be he would not have realized that he is such a big hero in this part of the world…..if he would have come once to Kochi or guwahati stadium he would have certainly changed his mind…..anyway hope we see him in future and a lot of other start in next edition…..ISL has already become the fourth largest viewed league in terms of stadium attendances in its very first edition……and this is when matches were being played on weekdays and not on weekends like EPL, La Liga…..

  5. You are a loser and one who want the stupid day spoiling game to rule in India…Comeon dude..Football is a magik! the sport that make the country proud in-front of world not like stupid game that plays only 7 countries (remaining is name sake)

  6. I don't agree with all the points. It wasn't a marketing gimmick because the owners of the Chennai team were indeed present at the peace match in Rome where Ronaldinho had to be there to meet then. What would Abhishek Bachhan be there for? So it wasn't a marketing gimmick. The ISL rumours have turned out to be tru for some players like Del Piero, Trezeguet, Capdevilla.
    Secondly, the money Ronaldinho would have been something between $2-$3 Million would have been really good for him given he only earns $3Milliom a year from his deal with Queretaro F C. in Liga MX. Plus, he would have earned additional amount from a loan deal to the MLS after the ISL season got over. So money could have not been an issue.
    Third, Proper League? I think players don't care if it is a proper league because they just have a 4 month contract. What happens afterwards is none of their business.
    And finally, Indian Super League is new but the hype it has made does give it a strong base to attract world class footballers of the standard of Ronaldinho. Media around the world is looking at the ISL as the next bug thing so it would be wrong to say it has no existence on the world map because even without the league starting it has already made a great buzz which is way more than many established league in the world.
    I don't know how the hell you've been allowed to write a blog. You suck at this.

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