Barca considering lucrative Paris Saint-Germain offer for Lionel Messi


A news report in a French magazine says that Barca has been offered 215 million GBP by the French Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain for the transfer of Barcelona and Argentine star striker Lionel Messi.

It is believed that Lionel Messi is not too happy with the current club management, particularly the club vice president Javier Faus and criticized him ‘for running the club like a business rather than a football club’. 

Apparently, Faus has made personal remarks on Messi citing the involvement of his father in the tax fraud. A forgetful season which has seen him injured multiple times and his top position swiftly taken away by Neymar, Messi is discontended in his current club.

Sensing the opportunity, PSG has approached the Barca president with a lucrative offer of 215 million GBP. Reportedly, Barca president Sandro Rosell is mulling the opportunity to get rid of an ailing Lionel Messi. Given that his team has adjusted quite well without LM10, this may not be a tough decision.

Lionel Messi’s dad Jorge Messi, however, has refuted claims that Lionel is considering a move away from Barcelona.

Barcelona fans must know that Lionel’s future is linked to this club

Jorge Messi

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