Fruit vendor from Africa becomes highest paid footballer in India!


The trend of hiring C-grade footballers from Africa has set a new benchmark for itself as Adis Ababa from Timbuktu has become the highest paid footballer in India’s I-League. He has recently been signed by a football club from West Bengal to give the fans ‘Chomok‘ (surprise) of their life.

The footballer is said to have a lot of experience as he claims to have sold fruits for the past 16 years at various football venues and covered all the derby matches in his village.

On being asked why have they chosen  Adis Ababa, a relatively unknown footballer, for the team, the club official said (with a smirk), “He offered us the best deal. He can ‘cut‘ it well and is good enough to save us from relegation”.

A humble Ababa considered himself to be blessed while recounting the moment he was spotted by the club officials.

“I was selling fruits as usual during a football match when the ball came flying towards my cart. I dived right away and punched the ball with both my hands back into the ground. That was the moment when the officials spotted me and hired me as a striker.”

“That was the first time I ever touched football”, he added.

Defending their decision to hire him as a striker, the club manager said, “We have tried many strikers in the past with no results. So we decided to hire a striker who has a ‘hand of God’. Adis has two.”

Meanwhile, some of the die-hard club supporters, who were staging protests against the officials for pathetic performance of their favourite club until yesterday, seemed quite happy after getting their yearly dose of ‘Chomok’. The fans have recalled their protests and are currently preparing a list of new slogans and insulting words to be showered at rival fans in the next derby.

The article is a work of fiction and any resemblance with real persons or incidents will be Chomok  for the author.

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  1. Which part exactly do you find racist? Do you think the word 'African' is derogatory? Or you think 'fruit vending' is a shameful job? Take it easy mate. I guess this article is meant to ridicule the football officials, not Africans

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  5. Bad taste.. zero humor.. pathetic narration… I guess somebody selling fruit in-front of Arts Deptt. of JU, CU or Xaviers has more literary and narrative skills.

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  7. These type of posts only contribute to the trash name of the blog. The retard does not understand how he defames himself and also the country India in general.

  8. Ridiculous, badly written and extremely racist. Didn't expect to see this from an Indian or an Indian football website.
    IFN should take this down.

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