Interview of Mexican coach on a goodwill mission with Kohima Komets


Earlier, Indian Football Network had reported about Professor Alfredo Santoyo Ramirez, Professional Football Coach and FIFA awardee  from Jalisco, Mexico, who is on a Goodwill mission to Kohima Komets.

Now that he is in India and already started his work, he talks about his experience with the players and management of  Nagaland Premier League club, Kohima Komets.

Hello Coach Ramirez, how are you? How do you find Nagaland?

I am fine, thank you! And I also want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you. I am happy with Kohima Komets’ managers and players.

Nagaland is very similar to the city of Taxco, Guerrero, it was built on the mountains.

How are the Players responding to your style of football?

Players are quickly learning the new style of game that I desire and the people are very attentive. Today, I did my 21st specialized training with Kohima Komets players, it is very pleasant that players are very willing, concentrated and with a great spirit to learn technical, tactical, strategic and other aspects of football instructions.

What do you think of the football scenario in India?

The people of India have a great spirit of self-improvement, fighting spirit, discipline and they will be able to grow in the football world in the short and medium term. As long as managers keep working as a team, i.e., the managers, players, fans, media and the government have the same objectives.

What is the potential of the players in Nagaland?

I am convinced that Nagaland players can achieve a high level of football because of their ability of attention, concentration, and respect for the technical staff and coach. I have verified these abilities with some football instructions I taught them, they have quickly learned and applied them within the football field.

 How is Kohima Komets as a Club?

Kohima Komets management have a great vision and strong desire to excel in both national and international levels, this was the main reason I accepted the invitation to visit Kohima Komets football club. I am convinced that Kohima Komets will excel in the national and international level, as long as they receive the advice from professional, honest and experienced people in football. I visualize the present phase of Kohima Komets with the phase when two of the most important teams in Mexico, Guadalajara and America began.

What is your view about Football as a coach?

I have 30 years of experience in Mexican football and abroad. From the social, sporting and economic point of view, it is very important to me to contribute to the formation of an integral society and football is a good way for children, adolescents and youth of India to develop their abilities and football skills to train themselves into international and national football players and also to become good human beings.

 What is your Objective from this exchange of Ideas?

My main goal is that players from India increase their football knowledge and apply it properly to raise the level of soccer in India, because at this moment India’s football is ranked 168 by FIFA (208 Countries members) and by the observation and analysis that I have made of the professional and amateur soccer in India, I am convinced that in a few years, soccer in this country will be at the top of the ranking made by FIFA.

What is your advice to the Players?

Every player is born with certain abilities and football skills and those who develop these skills properly produce different results for the benefit of their club, family, Government, Federation and society. In this I am reminded of  three players from the Mexican National Team in the Olympics, I contributed to their football training; these players are José de Jesús Corona, Darwin Chávez and Néstor Vidrio.

What is your advice to the Club?

My biggest advice to Kohima Komets managers is that every project has a process; in addition, they must not desist from their main objectives. This way they will get the results planned in the short, medium and long term.

– Kohima Komets Media Release


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