A SWOT analysis for Indian football market

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I have always tried to find out the problems of Indian football and have pondered over the possible solutions. Let me sum up all the important points regarding the business opportunities in Indian Football. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threats) analysis is one of the most important steps in understanding any business opportunity. Here I do the same, and try to analyze the SWOT of Indian Football.
  • Huge population supporting one of huge number of fresh talents in the world
  • India’s 2nd highest viewed game. Had expansion of 60% more viewership in last 5 years. Having a fan base of this game is over 50 million. EPL have around 90 million fan base in India.
  • IMG-Reliance tie up with AIFF
  • New administrative committee led by Mr.Kushal Das, former CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of International Cricket Council (ICC).
  • Decent national league system
  • Establishing AIFF controlled four regional academies along with one master academy with the help of FIFA
  • Recent developmental steps by AIFF with under-14, 16, 19, 23 teams.
  • In recent times, many famous celebrities and rich businessmen have taken a keep interest in Indian football
  • AFC guideline being followed in recent times
  • Glorious history of Indian football
  • Lack of  professional approach by the governing body and the club officials.
  • Overall less interest in Indian people for the Indian football
  • Low international success in recent times
  • Less interest by big brands for sponsorships.
  • Lesser competitiveness within Indian football.
  • Less number of professional players.
  • Almost no marketing of Indian football.
  • Infrastructural problems
  • Lack of financial support.
  • Lack of media coverage.
  • Most football club officials have old fashioned and orthodox approach
  • No attempts to explore the new avenues for more revenue.
  • Recently big corporate houses and NRI investors are showing interest in Indian football.
  • Scope of exploring the hidden market.
  • Advertisers are showing more interest in Indian football now.
  • Recent success of Indian football team at SAFF and junior levels.
  • Recently attracting viewership.
  • Recent interest of FIFA and AFC about Indian football.
  • Recent meeting between AIFF administrators and IMG-Reliance officers in presence of Mr. Mukesh Ambani about the scope and marketing of Indian football.
  • Recently appointed technical director and national team coach, of various age group and senior team and their vision to change the playing style of our national team and towards the other technical things.
  • Recently various international clubs are showing interest on Indian players.
  • Elite class people are showing interest in Indian football.
  • Recent AIFF activities to spread the game within all states in India.
  • Following AFC guidelines.
  •  Unsuccessful story of Indian football in recent past.
  • Political interference.
  • Too many sub associations of AIFF
  • Satisfaction with less success.
  • Legislative problems in India


  1. Our Govt Should Have to Think, That, at Present, our India Is In What Positiion are In the International level in Football ? But They Damm Bother.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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