Mizo website to give awards to Mizoram football coaches and players


The football website ZoFooty has announced that it will be instituting awards to footballers and coaches of Mizoram, a state in northeast India where football is an extremely popular sport.

“The awards for ‘Mizoram Footballer of the Year’ and ‘Mizoram Coach of the Year’ will be given only to Mizo footballers and coaches from within the state. Players and coaches signed by clubs elsewhere are not included in the nomination,” said the website.

ZoFooty stated that the nominees (six nominees for each award) have been selected from players and coaches who had performed well in tournaments under the Mizoram Football Association as well as those who had represented the state in tournaments recognised by the All India Football Federation such as Santosh Trophy, Dr. T. Ao North East Football Trophy, the Northeast Games, I-League 2nd Division (where two clubs from Mizoram – Aizawl F.C. and Luangmual F.C. are playing) and the National U-19 Football Tournament.

The website has stated categorically that aside from the selection of the nominees and the final tallying of votes, ZoFooty will not take part in the selection of the awardees. A voting system was devised by the website wherein weightage of votes is to be distributed as follows:

1. Mizoram Football Association Technical Committee: 25%
2. Eight clubs in the 2012/13 Mizoram Premier League playoff and four more who are already through it (one vote for each club): 25%
3. Journalists: 20%
4. Public poll: 30%

The list of nominees for ‘Mizoram Player of the Year’ are:

1. C. Lalnuntluanga
2. David Lalrinmuana
3. F. Lalrinpuia
4. Rochhingpuia
5. Samuel Laltlanthanga
6. Zoramthara

The list of nominees for ‘Mizoram Coach of the Year’ are:

1. Benjamin L. Khiangte
2. C. Lalngaihawma
3. H.C. Zarzoliana
4. H. Vanlalthlanga
5. Joseph Lalsangzuala
6. Lalchhuanawma

Additional details about the nominees are put up at ZoFooty.com where football fans can vote for their favourite player/coach. The website has yet to decide the date when the winners would be announced.

About ZoFooty

ZoFooty is a website started in February of 2011 and is the first website that caters to football fans who speak a regional language: Mizo, the primary language used in Mizoram and, to some extent, in the neighboring states.

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