5 Most Crazy Football Stadiums in the World


The beautiful game of football is popular around the world for many reasons; one of them is that it requires nothing but a round ball and a flat surface. But that hasn’t stopped football lovers to come out with craziest, most amazing and unbelievable stadiums for the game. Here we take a look at the top 5 most crazy football dtadiums.

5.  Braga Stadium, Portugal

Braga, Portugal

Braga Stadium is one of the costliest in Europe. The major chunk of the cost went into cutting and removing tonnes of stones from the granite stone quarry out of which this stadium was carved out. On one end, it has the high-rising quarry while the other end holds picturesque plains of the town.

4. Eco Stadium Janguito Malucelli – Brazil

Eco Stadium BrazilThis stadium is unique because not a single grain of concrete was used to build this.  The seats are embedded in the grassy hills around the stadium. Even the players’ dug-out and dressing rooms are made up of wood and clay. A remarkable statement ofr the pro-greens.

3. Solar Stadium, Taiwan

Solar Stadium TaiwanThe dragon-like stadium is fitted with 8,844 solar panels. These panels make the entire stadium self-sufficient for its energy needs . It also hosts ecological pond and a lot of green space. When there are no matches in the stadium, the power goes to light up the nearby settlement.

2. Sapporo Dome, Japan

Sapporo Dome

They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. This technological marvel is another ode to that. The town of Sapporo gets heavy snowfalls at times. So there was a need to build a stadium with a roof. But the roof should allow sufficient light and water and also should not be damaged by heavy snow deposition. So they made a dome like roof and the 8,300 tonne grass pitch could be moved in and out of the dome as and when needed. Not only that, the stadium can be used as both baseball and football ground by rotating and rearranging the field and the seats.

1. Estadio Chivas, Mexico

Estadio Chivas

This is one marvelous stadium a football fan would die to visit. The architecture is inspired from the surrounding hilly region. The parking space is inside the hilly half of the stadium. The stadium looks like an erupting volcano with its white membrane acting as the rising smoke.

So this is my top list. If you think any other stadium should be in the list, do tell me in the comment section.

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