Shah Rukh Khan – Sirf Naam Hi Kaafi Hain

King Khan

A comment by Indian football lover and Dempo fan, Ashlesh, triggered the eventful day in the Indian Football Forum


Yes, he was talking about the news linking Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan and I-League champions, the Goa club, DEMPO SC. (Click here to Read more about it ). Since then any one interested in Indian football has been talking about the same thing.

Shah Rukh Khan, popularly known as King Khan or SRK, showed his brand power again. Minutes after the news came online, the facebook pages related to Indian football went bonkers! ‘Dempo’ started trending in twitter, a rare event in Indian Football.

Everyone wants to know min by min update of the talks between SRK’s company and Dempo management. Everyone has a opinion or theory. Everyone is excited, mostly positive, some a bit apprehensive. Here are some of the comments in IFN forum –

“SRK associating with Indian Football, I-League in general is a blockbuster news for all of us.Hope other teams to find such investments.” – ashindia

“Dempo had been doing some great stuff in last 2-3 years. Their own club house in same building of the dempo office with gym attached, then the tie-up with danish club and now this news of SRK tie-up. Great going guys” – Shankar

“If dempo can associate themselves with him, then our I-league will surely get some sort of media attention” – imsourav

This is the magic of King Khan. One wonder’s if just linking him can ┬ábring so much attention, then if he actually involves himself with a I – League club, what would be the response?

Dempo : The current I League champions

Sports is nothing new for him. His company owns current IPL champions Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). None of the IPL owners have been been bigger than the team, the way SRK has been. His antics has been shown in TV channels repetitively, he has been uncoventional but that worked wonders as his fans like anything he does! After winning IPL title, it seems king Khan has set his sights with football. And the Indian football fans welcome that.

The SRK brand


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