National Shame! Karnataka Santosh Trophy players travel without train reservation


It is learnt from a reliable source that the Karnataka State Football Association officials failed to reserve adequate train berths for the Karnataka players traveling to Bhubaneshwar.

The state team boarded Yeshwantpur-Howrah Express on Monday, May 7, evening and travelled 23 hours without proper seat. Also, learned that several players spent most of their journey time near the passageway close to the loo.

The state team has reached Bhubaneshwar today night and will be playing their Santosh Trophy match on Friday, May 11, against Nagaland.

State football association’s callousness once again! They took almost a month in planning and preparing the team, but could not secure train tickets in advance. We are neither talking about air travel nor air-conditioned train journey, just a basic train reservation, yet the officials failed to do that.

Remember our players will be representing the Karnataka state and still we are expecting them to perform well after such a shabby treatment!

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