SAFF Chmapionship 2011: Maldives coach Urbanyi confident of a win against India


The Maldivian side in SAFF Championship has gradually improved as the tournament progressed. Starting with a lackluster performance against Nepal in the opening encounter, they have managed to top the group by beating Bangladesh, the highest ranked team in the region, handsomely.

Maldives have lost to India both the times that they met in the semi-final of SAFF Championship. But the coach Urbanyi does not care for the history. In an interview to he said

We can change the history. Statistics is for the people who believe in numbers. I believe in hard work and team effort. The performance on the pitch is more important.

Istvan UrbanyiVery brave and motivating words indeed. But this kind of confidence is backed by a strong performance by the deadly duo Ahmed Thariq and Ashfaq Ali in particular and the whole team in general.

Not only he is eyeing a win and entry into the final, Istvan Urbanyi has his aim set at the championship. He wants to bring the cup back home after 3 years, the cup that they missed marginally in 2009. He says

Our aim is to win the tournament. And if we want to win the tournament we have to be the best team. So we need to beat the teams that come in front of us

He also sent a caution to India saying that he has analyzed India inside-out and understands their game properly and he has a game-plan ready to stop India and show them the exit door.


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